Going Viral on IKEA TikTok (with Scott Seiss)

I recently had the chance to chat with comedian Scott Seiss about going viral on IKEA TikTok. I tried something different this time around: converting my full Culturally Relevant interview with Scott into something with more of a linear/narrative format. It doesn’t seem like a big step but scripting and filming something even this simple probably took 5x more time than I typically spend on one of my videos.

I hope you enjoy it!

Getting the Second Dose of the Pfizer Vaccine

Me and my COVID bubble were lucky enough to get the second dose of our Pfizer vaccine recently. I created this video to share our personal experience with it. The point of this was not to flex or brag but to help demystify the process for people. Going into dose 2, I’d heard so many different things about what the experience might be like.

I hope this gives you some sense of what the results might be, and that it helps you to make your own plans around dose 2.

One Second for Every Day of My Life (2019-2020)

Every day for the past 8 years, I’ve been recording one second of video every day of my life and stitching them together to form a document of my life that year. You can see the past versions of some of my videos here.

This year for my 1 Second Everyday video, I decided to try something different: I narrated the entire video so that I could share some reflections about my life and about what’s happened during this very eventful year for all of us. I hope these thoughts can help you as you’re reflecting on how your life has changed too.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and thanks for watching.

‘The Devil All The Time’ Movie Review

I hope everyone is having an okay weekend dealing with the sheer tonnage of news that’s occurred the past week (most of it bad).

Since I hate myself, I spent some time this week watching Antonio Campos’ new film, The Devil All The Time. This film’s cast is incredible, but do not watch this movie if you are looking for something to pick you up and make you feel better!

That said, it’s one of the top 10 movies on Netflix so most of you probably watched it. What did you think? Did you find it illuminating about the nature of evil and humanity? Or a bit too over the top, as I thought it was in my video review above?