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Taking a break

For the past five years, I’ve been recording one second of video every single day, then assembling them to create a video representing that year of my life. I typically put these videos together after each birthday but I was a bit late this year. When I finally got around to it recently (see above), I made a startling realization: I’d been sick five times in 2017. I’ve written before about my recent illnesses but it wasn’t until watching the 1Second video that I realized how bad things had gotten.

I got a physical and a blood test and it doesn’t appear as though I have any serious diseases. But I’ve really run myself ragged this year and I need some time to step back and re-assess my priorities in life.

Thus, I’m going to be taking a two month break from the Slashfilmcast. For the first time in my life in over a decade, I won’t be running any podcasts. Instead, I’ll be focusing on my full-time job, my relationships, and my family.

I’m also planning on unplugging more — in some senses, at least. Starting later this month, I’ve committed to deleting Twitter from my phone for awhile and spending more time writing/blogging and reading. (That said, I will probably still auto-post some blog posts and Periscopes on there.) I realize I’m incredibly blessed and privileged to even have the option of doing any of this, and I am grateful to those in my life who have supported these decisions and made them possible.

I hope to return and join the podcast again for our Last Jedi review in December. At that point, I’ll know a lot more about the shape of things. In the meantime, we have a huge list of awesome Slashfilmcast guest co-hosts that listeners have been suggesting to us via email. I look forward to hearing new, exciting voices on the podcast. I look forward to learning how to relax a little bit more. And I look forward to slowing down the pace of things, for just a little while.

  • Good luck in this brief sabbatical Mr. Chen. Enjoy your well deserved break. I always wondered how could you do so many things (podcast, blogging, watching tv, movies, listening to podcasts, reading, full time job, social life, huge etc.). I now know it takes a toll. It only means two things: you are human and… you are getting old. Do not worry: what you lack now in energy is compensated for your amazing experiences and the resultant wisdom.

  • Fed

    Take care, dude! Will miss you on the SlashFilmCast but sounds like this break will do you some good. Be well. Your listeners/followers will still be here when you get back 🙂

  • Dave Glanz

    I also had my own burn-out years ago, and had to take a couple weeks to figure out what was wrong. Sometimes you just need a break. We’ll be here when you get back.

  • milesbeyondnormal

    Enjoy the most of your break, take all the time you need.

  • Hey man, best of luck to you. Will miss your voice on twitter for the short term but you’re absolutely making the right call. Take care!

  • You’ve earned it, Dave! Best wishes!

  • Sounds like a wonderful idea! Have a nice chill, looking forward to hearing you back in a couple months.

  • Ryan Mongelluzzo

    You’ll be missed! I hope the break provides all the respite you need.

  • Daniel Mercado

    My selfish side says rest up we need you back asap. Instead take your time, rest and let us know how you’re doing – you’re kinda important to a lot of people, especially listeners of slashfilmcast.

  • Joseph Sciglitano

    Good on you for taking stock of your values, Dave and putting your health, self and loved ones first. All the best and look forward to hearing you again when you’re ready to return. 🙂

  • John Anderton

    I always thought you were one of the best critics. You are unafraid to take positions that everyone else was against you. You were objective and able to analyze plots and themes and acting. It’s an odd thing to do bring logic to entertainment or art. But that’s why I find criticism so fascinating.

    But nothing lasts forever and it’s important to be reminded of that every day.

  • Wishing you well, Dave. This means I’ll be looking forward to the blog posts more, though. And, I hope you realize, if you haven’t seen Firefly by the time you’ve returned, we’re going to have a very upset Devindra on our hands.

  • Luke Johnson

    Bravo. Hope the time off proves fruitful.

  • Anama Arias

    You will me greatly missed, but it takes a lot of growth to put your health first. Wish you the best Dave!

  • Guillermo

    Have a good break Dave! We will miss you until you come back and thanks for always being 100% in everything you do. A well deserved rest is always needed. Be well!

  • Donnie The Lion

    Good for you, Dave. If I Was President of the United States, my first speech would be about everybody trying to do too much, leading to hypertension. We are running ourselves ragged physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Plus, we are too accessible thanks to our mobile devices. We need more privacy, and we need more time to wind down and relax.

  • AD

    Best wishes Dave. I think I will miss you a slightly unreasonable amount! Already looking forward to the Last Jedi return.

  • keeleon

    I got a little behind and thought I’d jump into the Thor episode only to not hear David Chen’s dulcet tones. It was a very bizarre experience and it made me realize that you are the reason I listen to all the podcasts I listen to. It was pretty bizarre since I don’t think you’ve ever missed a single episode. To the point that I had to do some internet sleuthing to find out why you weren’t there.I love everyone involved in your projects, but your moderation and staying on track is what really makes them work.

    Please get better and come back!

  • welio

    Hey. When are you coming back?

  • Take care of yourself, man. We’ll miss you, but it’s better that you take a break than actually break yourself. We need you back doing what you do…