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R.I.P. Gen Pop

This month, Gen Pop — my pop culture podcast with Joanna Robinson — will come to an end.

Sometimes I’ll create a podcast that lasts 10 years (and counting). Other times, a show will last 6 months. Unfortunately, Gen Pop was one of the latter.

Out of all my podcasts, Gen Pop was probably the show that I worked the hardest on and stretched myself the most on. And while it didn’t have the largest audience, it had a really impassioned fan base. I’m so grateful to people who donated to the show and who supported us every step of the way.

The folks at Nerdophiles wrote up this lovely retrospective on the podcast, and it’s awesome:

Iā€™m sad to see Gen Pop go, but happy for the other opportunities to catch Joanna and David still podcasting. Gen Pop truly was one of my favorite podcasts that really had its finger on the pulse of pop culture. It delivered a weekly interesting conversation that was topical and well-informed, often times giving me new insight and perspective.

I’m glad that people got something out of the show. It makes me feel like all the work we put into it was not ill-spent.

You can listen to the entire back catalog of Gen Pop here.

  • Fortunately, every episode of a Chen Rob joint has a significant amount of Gen Pop-ish content baked in, so it’s not like it’s going away entirely.

  • samforsyth

    I feel really sad… I found you guys at A Cast of Kings like 250 years ago, and I love that podcast… I feel like I didn’t even know about this podcast until just now, thought, undoubtedly you plugged it, and I just never noticed šŸ™ . I have just browsed the show Topics for Gen Pop, , and it’s basically the exact list of stuff I watched and Listened to since late 2016… what a bummer! I will totally enjoy the back issues, though! Dave and Joanna, keep up the good work with all the other stuff you’re doing! You both produce really fun stuff!