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Watch SNL’s ‘Papyrus’ sketch about ‘Avatar’

Last night, SNL aired a sketch about a deranged individual who was obsessed with the papyrus font in James Cameron’s Avatar. It’s a fairly amusing short film that derives its strength from being ultra-niche in its focus.

For months, a debate has raged on the /Filmcast about whether or not Avatar is still culturally relevant. The film is the most successful movie of all time yet left seemingly zero cultural footprint. One of the vaguely defined barometers of cultural relevance? Being featured prominently in an SNL sketch.

Looks like Avatar defenders just got another arrow in their quivers…

  • DaanishSyed

    This hit a little too close to home. Not proud to say it, but that character was me. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the fact that ALL the Navi subtitles in the movie were also fucking Papyrus.

    Secondly, I’d argue that part of the joke is that it’s NOT culturally relevant. Just imagine an equivalent sketch if it was somebody obsessed about some minor thing in Harry Potter or District 9 or Star Trek or Inglorious Bastards, or any other actually relevant film from 2009. The undercurrent of the sketch is “who cares”, both in the font and the film.

  • DanfriedS
  • Skyler Durden

    Seriously tho Papyrus sucks balls.