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Anchor launches the ability to create videos from audio

I’ve been interested in what Anchor has been doing for the podcast space, but they just announced something that I think is a bit of a game-changer: the ability to create videos from audio.

For audio podcasts, this seems like a great way to get a piece of shareable content up on other social channels to promote your show. I can’t wait to try this out.

  • Anchor does seem pretty neat, and this feature feels like it could be a big deal if the speech-to-text works well.

    Although I can’t help but wonder, how does Anchor make money? I’d be weary of recording and hosting a show on a platform without a clear business model. SoundCloud’s latest drama drives this point home for sure where tech startups, even if they seem well established, can be in a very difficult spot if they’re not profitable and reliant upon large amounts of investment.