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New Year’s Eve 2012

I was blessed to have a bunch of friends over to my apartment on New Year’s Eve. Seeing a significant portion of my friends in Seattle, all together in one room — it really made this place start to feel like home.

My friend, upon seeing the video, said it looked like life was going pretty well. I agreed, but said I didn’t know how long all the excitement would last.

“Make sure to enjoy it while it continues. Don’t worry about making it last,” he replied.

I cut together this brief video to show you my view of the fireworks. This was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II using a 50mm f/1.4 lens.

  • Hi Dave,

    Happy New Year! Love your work on the /Filmcast. A few thoughts: Love your shredding of George Lucas – that HACK! I am very excited as well to see what Disney will do now that they have Star Wars under their fold. Also, your comments on the Amazing Spider-man episode were so funny – I revisit that podcast every few months on the road just to get a chuckle. I enjoy when Jeff Cannata stops by. Lastly, your comments on the Hunger Games for the top 10 of 2012 were very funny as well! I love how you and Devindra go back and forth sometimes in spirited yet civil way. One can infer that you guys are good friends. Anyway, just a quick note to say hello and I hope you are enjoying Seattle/Microsoft. I am looking forward to listening to you and the guys on the podcast all throughout 2013. BTW – You and have have a mutual acquaintance, who's guest appearance on the Moneyball episode was very enjoyable as well. Would love to add you to my LinkedIn profile if your so inclined – look me up. Please tell Adam and Devindra hello.

    Anthony Sanguino – New Jersey.