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Six Months In

It’s been awhile since my last update, and I definitely feel the impact of my absence from the blogging world. I love writing, but these days I’m just so exhausted from all that life demands that I can’t really muster the energy to write something intelligent on a regular basis. But I’m grateful that the recent break has allowed me to recharge and rethink what’s important to me.

One thing I have kept up is my 1 Second Everyday project, which recently passed the six month mark. I thought I’d update the video to celebrate the occasion. It was also cool to see this video mentioned in a Fast Company post about the 1 Second Everyday idea.

The one thing I’ll re-iterate about the continuation of this project is how simultaneously challenging and yet gratifying it continues to be. It is challenging because it has become quite difficult to continually try and find new and interesting things to shoot, especially if my routine has been pretty similar for many days in a row. Conversely, many of my friends now “get” what the project is, and so are much more forgiving these days when I whip out the camera and ask, “Can you be my second for today?”

At the same time, I actually have fond memories of browsing through all my previous seconds, remembering many of the key moments of this crazy year of my life. I wouldn’t trade that memory preservation for anything, even though this project is getting more and more difficult for me to muster the will for every day.

I should also note that I’m glad to witness the rise of Cesar Kuriyama, who’s helped me with my own project and who’s single-handedly pushed the 1 Second Everyday idea into popular culture. His Kickstarter for a 1 Second Everyday app recently succeeded with flying colors and I can’t wait to see the final product!