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The First Three Months

I know updates have been sparse on here recently. Honestly, between my job, all my podcasts, and trying to do social things outside of those things to keep myself sane, I barely have any time to do anything else these days.

BUT! My 1 Second Every Day project soldiers onwards. Here’s a video that shows the first three months of my life in Seattle (approximately):

A couple of observations:

  • After three months of this, it’s difficult to fight some of the “sameness” that creeps into these images. By far, that’s the biggest challenge: trying to make sure what you shoot today isn’t similar to what came before it.
  • The biggest weakness of this project is that there is pretty much nothing here of my work at Microsoft. I don’t really do any shooting on campus because I don’t want to risk the possibility of revealing anything confidential, but it remains a huge part of my new life that remains undocumented.
  • When I’ve presented this project to my friends, the one thing they all overwhelmingly say is: “If I did a project like that, it would be incredibly boring.” As I mentioned in my initial post, maybe if that’s the case you should try and make some serious changes to your life. But I have a corollary now to add to that: you don’t need to have a super interesting life to make a decent video with this project. You just need to be able to find the beautiful, fascinating, amusing things worth highlighting in each day. I think it’s a challenge worth undertaking. 
  • Hi David!

    I am loving this one second a day project! I have been very inspired by the project ever since you wrote the initial blog post filming one second a day. I've been trying to also film 1 second a day, but am a little disappointed that my camera doesn't capture sound. 🙁

    Anyway, thanks for the update on the project!

    P.S. Welcome to Seattle!
    -Michelle (Fellow Seattlite (sp?))

  • I like the idea. The audio seems a little disconnected though. Maybe have some audio playing softly in the background to tie everything together better?

    It's surprising how much information you can fit into one second.

  • Si

    Is that Tobo @ 1:45?

  • I love this project. I think it's awesome. I was actually surprised by how much you can capture in a second.
    I can't wait for the full year. I think I already welcomed you in an email but welcome again. 🙂