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Announcing the Launch of

I’d like to make this official: as of this moment, my new photography website, Dave Chen’s Photos, is online!

It’s been a long journey to get to this point. I’ve spent the past year amassing thousands upon thousands of photographs from a wide variety of events and situations. I’ve studied with master photographer Jerry Ghionis and read up on the techniques of flash photographer David Hobby. My hope is that the new site will reflect the breadth and quality of my work through an elegant, simple, classy design.

Shortly, I’ll be writing a blog post about the two photo website services I’ve tried this year: 4ormat and Bigfolio (which hosts the current version of the site). I know many of us dislike flash but there are reasons why I chose to use a service that only hosts flash websites. I will get into those later, but iPad and iPhone users are not left out, as there’s a fully functional mobile version of the site as well.

In the meantime, check out the new site! Put it through its paces. And ask yourself: would you hire this photographer if he was local? Why or why not? Your answers and feedback are welcome in the comments below.

  • Hey Dave,

    The site looks good. One problem I've noticed so far is that the site renders smaller in Safari, and the About Me bio doesn't seem to scroll all the way down (things are bigger, and the entire About Me bio is readable in Chrome). Could just be an issue on my end though (OSX 10.7.2, Safari 5.1.1).

  • Toefer,

    I don't think that's limited to you. I think at certain resolutions, Safari + this site causes problems. I will take some steps to try and mitigate this (specifically: making the logo size smaller and trying to shorten the About Me section). Can you tell me where you can scroll down to in About Me?

  • Wish you success and boatloads of money…so that you can ditch this horrible flash based site. 😉
    Seriously I hope your business will flourish but I personally dislike any flash based site for various reasons. Curious why you chose this solution.

  • Dave,

    In Safari it shows up to the line "but in particular, I love shooting portraits," and then I can scroll down for one more additional line of "events, and weddings. I am particularly".

  • Lovely, lovely work. The site looks great, as well. If you don't mind my asking, how much post-production work do you do?

    As for the site, here are my two recommendations :

    1. I like the way you've organized the various galleries, but if it is possible, include a gallery of *all* your work. I'm interested in this site because of you, not because of your subjects, at this point. I can click through those menus and pick names I don't know at random, but what I really care about is your photography.

    Speaking as a completely theoretical millionaire employer, if I can click once and make no decisions to see all of your work, I'm much more likely see a representative sample of your stuff and hire you than if I have to click three times and decide between options I have no information on.

    2. This is nitpicky. Sorry. But here it is: I don't know how the behind-the-scenes on your site work, or if this is an option. But if you are able, make the photos fade up to white before the next photo fades in. The overlapping mismatched sizes are just jarring enough to distract from your stuff.

    I wish you all the best with your work. I'm a professional artist who's just barely starting to make actual money with my passions, and MAN IS IT GREAT. I hope you know the feeling soon.

    P.S. As soon as I hit "post comment," I'm going to watch Pusher 2. I finally started digging into the Pusher films after your gazillion recommendations. I thought you should know.

  • Luke,

    Thanks for all your comments/advice.

    With regards to the size-mismatch, I can understand how that would be jarring. I may try to make it so that the homepage only has landscape-oriented photos of similar size…

    As for the menus, I'm not sure how best to proceed. Most of the high-end professional photographers I see organize their portfolios/weddings into specific events/people. In my previous site, which you can still see at, I simply had a category for "Weddings" and "People" etc. but it felt too haphazard and non-descript to me. Hence the new implementation, which, despite its flaws, I think I'm going to have to keep.

  • Dave,

    After looking around a little, I think you're totally right about the way photographers' web sites tend to be arranged. I hail from the land of concept art and character design, and the "Giant, scatter-shot array of every last crazy idea I've had" approach is much more common there, probably because concept work emphasizes novelty over consistency.