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The Tobolowsky Files LIVE

It’s been a bit quiet here this past week. That’s because I’ve been busy putting together the following:

The Tobolowsky Files will have three LIVE performances in Boston during November (11th, 12th, and 13th)! Then, in January, we’ll be heading to Seattle for a performance at the historic Neptune Theater. It will be epic! Buy your tickets now!

I am beyond excited about this. There is nothing quite like seeing Stephen perform his stories live; I’ve seen it happen and the results are moving, powerful, even transformative.

More importantly, I can’t escape the thought: this is how it begins. With a few, jam-packed shows at a cozy, intimate venue. If these go well, not only will it do much to spread the word of Stephen and of the show, but it will also demonstrate that we have a viable business model on our hands. Perhaps even viable enough for me to seriously consider a career change…

Stephen recently did a live interview for a packed house for Seattle public radio. Our show is apparently quite popular there. It is not popular in Boston, where pretty much nobody knows that it exists. In my mind, this presents a number of interesting challenges and questions for us:

– From state to state, how big is the podcast’s reach? And how many of our listeners in each state are big enough fans that they are willing to spend money to see Stephen live?

– Given a situation where most people are not aware of the podcast, is Stephen’s existing popularity as an actor sufficient enough such that people will come see his show even with no knowledge whatsoever of his storytelling abilities?

– Suppose people don’t know about the podcast NOR do they know any of Stephen’s work. What are ways to entice them to come?

Stephen already has a Facebook and Twitter page, and I’ve created a Facebook event for the live showing in Boston. In the weeks to come, we’ll be playing around with some ways of selling the show that I hope will be effective. I look forward to sharing them with you.

I hope you’ll join us in Boston or in Seattle. And if we sell out (or come close to selling out) both locations, you can expect there to be many more performances down the line.

  • Unfortunately this opportunity passed today, but promoting it in some fashion at the Boston Book Festival would've been great. You need to reach out to people who love stories in general.

  • Brandon: Next year…when Tobolowsky actually HAS a book out 🙂

  • I'm a Seattleite, but I found the show via the /filmcast, and listened to it all before it started broadcasting on the radio here. A large portion of my close friends have become fans via the podcast, and a lot of other people I know have stumbled into loving the radio program.

    As I hail from a Tobo-friendly and radio-friendly port, I don't know how useful my input is. We already like you guys. But one thing I think might help reinforce your fanbase here? Get Stephen on the Sound of Young America. I know you have had Jesse Thorn on the /filmcast before. And I heard him mention you on one of his older podcasts (maybe around the same time? I think it was pre-tobofiles.) I know Stephen was involved in one of the Maxfun pledge drives. I figure you guys probably all have each other's email addresses.

    Thorn is basically worshiped as a God in Seattle. If there are any Seattlites missing the radio broadcasts, they'll hop right on board with a little urging from America's Radio Sweetheart.

    Maybe this is all super obvious and you've been trying to do it already. But, if not, I think you're missing a huge opportunity. Hell, even if you just get on one of the other Maxfun podcasts (Jordan Jesse Go and Stop Podcasting Yourself are both free-form comedy talk shows which feature guests almost every week, both with big audiences. Well, podcast-big.) you're bound to bring in a few new loyal listeners.

    (Side note: Another Podcast-Gone-Live tour, Radiolab, started here and did very well.)

    In the mean time, I'll keep spreading the good news via word-of-mouth, and I will definitely be there for the Seattle show. So will my wife, whom you may remember as Emailer Who Wrote In About Crying On The Kitchen Floor Due To Listening To Your Show and Baking At The Same Time. We're big fans. Keep up the good work!

  • Dave, it's funny you ask – I was considering the same questions this morning as I listened to the 'Special announcement' podcast.

    How would I sell this to potential customers?

    I wondered about radio adverts that included 15-second excerpts from past podcasts. Funny one-liners, perhaps. But would that make people expect stand-up comedy?

    Do you sell it as 'The guy from…'? Don't know. I respected Tobolowsky a lot as an actor before I started listening to the podcasts, but I first gave the podcasts a go after hearing his WTF interview with Marc Maron. I'm pretty sure I was AWARE of the T.Files before then, but hadn't felt the need to hear Stephen's stories, despite always enjoying his performances.

    Now, I try to tell everyone I know who might be interested in the show. I tell some people "It's like Spalding Gray!". Other people I tell who liked Groundhog Day or Memento (Everyone obeys that film's tattooed command – "Remember Sammy Jenkis"). And other people I tell who are acting fans.

    I'm in the UK – if Stephen comes to London, I'll buy a ticket!

  • Please tell me that the 'how many tickets sold' metre at the bottom right just hasn't been updated recently – it's been stuck on 44 for over a week now.

  • Andrew: I realized after I posted that thing that I could only update it weekly. So, don't fear. Yet.