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Internet Comments Are The Worst

I don’t see eye-to-eye with James Rocchi on everything, but I wholeheartedly endorse his viewpoint on internet comments:

[I]t’s because internet commenters are either lazy, cowardly or stupid that I find myself relying on Twitter more and more. I disagree with lots of people in my Twitter feed — @jenyamato didn’t want to vomit from the Justin Bieber film, @mtgilchrist actually liked Tron: Legacy, @MarkReardonKMOX has a political sensibility so opposite to mine I’m amazed we don’t explode when we shake hands — but they are polite, and articulate and, please note, saying what they do under their real names. I think I’ve given up on internet comments about the things I write — reading them or caring about them — unless they’re from people who use their real names. Otherwise, it’s just opening up your life and brain to too much negativity and stupidity.

  • Got to admit, a while ago I left a comment on slashfilm with regards to an article Quigley wrote. In fairness, i used my real name – simoncolumb (or maybe as part of a podcast I used to do: Simon and Jo Film Show – now defunct)- when i wrote it. But i got pretty pissy. I was always worried that, since that day, my comments and emails are generally ignored and gossiped about in the slash film [virtual] staff room. Or maybe I'm not the centre of the world.

    So, with this in mind, I would agree that as long as you stand by your stance and use your name then fair enough. It will only discredit the writer if your point is without reason. But sometimes people feel strongly against others to argue and I think we all know the difference between a good and bad argument.