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Videos from the Japan Earthquake

This morning, Japan was hit with its largest recorded earthquake in history, measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale. This earthquake also caused a 10-meter tsunami to destroy untold numbers of houses and ships along the coast.

These videos show what it was like to be there. They are insane. (via Peter Kafka)

  • I'm amazed at that first video – that the person had the wherewithal to actually video the thing. I'm in Fukushima, and honestly feared for my life, despite not being in the worst affected areas. It was all I could do to make sure others got out of the small building I was in!

    Now, with deserted streets, power-cuts, and people raiding the convenience stores (and paying for their stuff, of course), it feels a little like a zombie apocalypse.

    The tremors are still going on though, and it's thoroughly disconcerting.

  • That is crazy. Though in the third video I was constantly looking at the flat-screen TV and thinking… "uh oh… its gonna go…"

  • EDC

    and the comments on youtube are proof people under 25 should not be on the internet.