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A Word of Thanks

Just wanted to give a shout out to my online buddy, Scott Neumyer. In addition to his day job, Scott is an author as well as a photographer. Coincidentally, these are two fields that I’ve recently made some inroads into, with the new Kindle Single Stephen and I just published, as well as my increasingly serious photographic pursuits.

Occasionally in my online travels, I’ve had the privilege to encounter super nice people who are willing to help me out, just out of the kind goodness of their hearts. Scott has certainly been one of those people, guiding me through some very uncertain processes and doing so with lots of patience, generosity, and graciousness. Thanks, Scott. Any success in my future endeavors in these fields will be partially due to you.

Check out Scott’s book on Amazon’s e-book store!

  • Ever thought about expressing your creative endeavours in paint?

  • Simon,

    Definitely. Maybe one day. One thing at a time though.

  • I'm at Art teacher, so if you ever need a hand…

    Thing is, I think a lot of people turn to photography as it appears to be such an accessible medium. Fact is, I think painting forces you to prepare and plan. Not to mention, experience in photography often supports your painting in composition. If you have any sort of projector to project your photographs onto a canvas and then use the photograph as a starting point, again, builds upon what you already have.

    There are alot of photographers nowadays and, to some extent, unfortunately they devalue the art form… painting is the future (well… maybe not the future, but y'know what I mean)…

  • Thank YOU, man! I definitely appreciate the shoutout and thank you, but the please has been all mine. Truly. You're one of the good guys. I'm always happy to help, sir! 🙂