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Because If An Actor Doesn’t Toe the Line, It’s Clearly a Journalist’s Fault

Myles Mcnutt has a thoughtful, detailed response to Sons of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter’s latest outburst, this time targeted at Fred Topel from Screen Junkies:

While I think that Sutter could criticize the interviewer for pissing off his star, even if that still might seem a tad bit overblown, to then position this smaller site as the cause rather than the symptom of his larger problem is highly unrepresentative. Sutter’s kneejerk responses are rarely particularly nuanced, often lumping together large swaths of individuals (often critics) when only a small subsection are actually at fault, and this seems another example where the real story gets buried beneath a larger crusade.

There are problems with this interview. There are problems in entertainment journalism. However, the problems with this interview are not necessarily the problems which exist in entertainment journalism, and they are not grounds on which to suggest any sort of malicious intent on the part of the individual in question.