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The Next Cheneration: A New Podcast About Fatherhood

When I heard my brother was having a kid, I asked him if he wanted to do a podcast with me to document his process of becoming a father. He didn’t say yes…but he didn’t exactly say no either, so as a result, “The Next Cheneration” was born!

We started recording when his wife was a month away from the due date, and now that his child is here, I’m starting to tell folks about the podcast.

The Next Cheneration podcast is for those of you who think all of my other podcasts:

  • Are too well organized
  • Have too many cool guests
  • Cover too many topics around pop culture and other things that are relevant to your lives

If all those things bother you, you’ll love this show. It’s really just me talking to my brother each week about what’s on his mind as a father. It’s rambly and unfocused and it’s not for everyone. But it is for my brother, my family, and me, and that’s the most important purpose it can fulfill right now. If some of you out there can also get something out of it, that’s just gravy.

The first 5 episodes are already up and take you through everything from pre-birth to post-birth. Feel free to check it out. Or don’t! I’m still going to keep making this one regardless.

Huge thanks to the great Daanish Syed for the podcast art, and to all the fine folks on this Twitter thread for podcast name ideas!

The podcast is now available in Apple Podcasts and most other podcast players.