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Women only said 27% of the words in the top 10 films of 2016

Amber Thomas, writing for freecodecamp, about seeing Rogue One:

I went into the movie theater expecting to see men and women fighting side by side. I left feeling certain that I could count every female character from the movie on one hand. While Jyn was the main character, I was profoundly aware that she was often the only woman in any scene.

It felt strangely familiar to have a lead female character be so outnumbered. Then I realized that Jyn and Princess Leia suffered the same inequality 39 years apart. I was overwhelmed with a need to know exactly how female representation in Star Wars movies has changed. But it seemed unfair to compare movies made today with movies made decades ago. So instead, I decided to look for female equality across the Top 10 Worldwide Highest Grossing Films of 2016.

The whole blog post is worth reading, as her methodology is fascinating (not to mention the findings).