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The “Liberal Tears” mug is a scam

Tolulope Edionwe, writing for The Outline: 

The mug links were everywhere. People tweeted pictures of the mug, screencaps of their receipts, and links to the page to buy the mug. Its omnipresence started to feel weird. It seemed like every single MAGA cap owner on Twitter was buying these cups. This is a real craze, I thought. How many of these things were being sold? So I decided to find out, and that’s when things got interesting.

Short version: the company that purports to sell the mug has horrible reviews with a bad track record for actually delivering products, and has apparently used very sketchy, spammy methods to get word of the mug out on the internet.

As tech evolves, so do the scams. Reading the above article, I was reminded of a particularly good Reply All episode in which exploring a “lost and found” website led to something much more sinister. Listen to it below: