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Reactions to the 2017 Oscar nominations

The Academy announced their 2017 Oscar Nominations yesterday morning. A few reactions:

  • Meryl Streep getting nominated for an Oscar and NOT Amy Adams for Arrival is some real bullshit.
  • Suicide Squad has more Academy Award nominations than The Handmaiden (which, yes, wasn’t even submitted for consideration). Passengers has more nominations than Silence. Up is down. Left is right. Dogs and cats, sleeping together. Mass hysteria.
  • Hell or High Water surprised me with a few nominations including Best Picture (???) and a Best Supporting for Jeff Bridges (the last one is deserved but I didn’t know if it would happen).
  • Michael Shannon was great in Nocturnal Animals but he was only in the movie for like 15 minutes? I guess if Tommy Lee Jones can win for The Fugitive, anything’s possible…
  • In 2010, Mel Gibson was caught on tape telling Oksana Grigorieva that if she was “raped by a pack of niggers” it would be her own fault. Now he’s been nominated for Best Director and Best Picture via Hacksaw Ridge. THAT’S HOLLYWOOD FOR YA, FOLKS! (for more on this, read Britt Hayes over at ScreenCrush)
  • Pixar totally shut out this year. Not a surprise: All of the Best Animated Film nominations are better than Finding Dory.
  • I hope Moana wins because I freaking love that film, but KUBO winning would also be great because after the tepid box office performance of that film, Laika needs a victory.
  • All your base are belong to La La Land (14 noms). It will destroy all other contenders this year.

Over at /Film, Jacob Hall has a great piece on this year’s biggest snubs and surprises.

  • Ave

    Dave, I truly am a fan, I love your work, you keep me entertained weekly with the /Filmcast… but do you actually share the opinions of Britt Hayes in that story you linked? I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding calling out Gibson, and I don’t think Hacksaw Ridge is deserving of any real recognition, but that Hayes piece is hyperbolic, ignorant, and like most of her work, alarmist without cause. Drawing a line in any fashion from Mel Gibson to Donald Trump is remarkably reductive, and I’m disappointed that you share her views there.

    • From her piece: “It’s not unreasonable to compare the two. Both Gibson and Trump have made racist and sexist remarks that have been well-documented and highly-publicized; both men have been accused of spousal / partner abuse (Trump for marital rape, Gibson for assault); both have allegedly committed physical assault (by Trump’s own admission in his book, he assaulted a grade school teacher); both have been documented admitting to assault (Gibson was caught on tape admitting he attacked his ex-wife because she “f—ing deserved it”; in an instantly-infamous tape released last fall, Trump admitted to forcing himself on women). Gibson’s affinity for violence has also been expressed through his work, from the near-gleeful torture of The Passion of the Christ to the fetishistic portrayal of war in Hacksaw Ridge. Trump has endorsed acts of violence among his followers and, in March 2016, even praised them for attacking a protester at his rally.”

      What exactly is it about the piece that you disagree with?

      • DaanishSyed

        Gibson was HARDLY “immune”. Blacklisted from Hollywood for a decade is not immune. He has paid for it. Also, He’s NEVER condoned his behavior unlike Trump. He’s admitted to all of his transgressions and has spoken about his mental breakdown. He doesn’t encourage others to incite violence. Saying “Gibson’s affinity for violence has also been expressed through his work,” is ABSURD. So does Tarantino. I agree with Ave on this one.

      • Ave

        I’m not at all disagreeing with her citing the egregious things Gibson has said and done, only what she infers. I simply don’t understand this very American agenda of campaigning for people to go away forever… to be perpetually obsolete. In Trump’s case, we’re talking about a President who actively lies about the many allegations against him, a man who wrangled hate as a platform and gave casual racism a loud voice. In Gibson’s case, we’re talking about a filmmaker who was rightfully abandoned by the industry, and spent years on the road back. Regardless of what one thinks of Hacksaw Ridge, I can’t help but admire that his comeback is one of artistic integrity. There’s still a long road to go, but Hollywood didn’t turn a blind eye on his past. Britt basically suggests that the only reason he finds himself working again is pure entitlement, which is ridiculous given that the guy has basically been invisible for ten years.

        Anyone who’s heard the Gibson tapes and is familiar with bipolar disorder will immediately recognize the affliction. In no way am I trying to excuse Gibson’s casual racism or violent outbursts, but I do feel like it needs to be discussed, and Britt seems completely ignorant or insensitive to the disease.

        • DaanishSyed

          very well said

        • Thanks for the perspective. I hadn’t considered it this way.


    Hey Dave, love and respect most of your work. I agree with most of this list, although I think Hell or High water was deserving of the nod.

    Question, what should be the least offensive thing a potential nominee can do to be disqualified for a nomination. This year features Casey Affleck and Mel Gibson as nominees who some find to be repulsive. In the not so distant past Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, who I find to be deplorable people, were academy award winners!. Just curious, because there really should be some sort of minimum standard for this award, which is so highly held in esteem.

  • daniel23

    Thoughts & replies:
    – Meryl’s Globes Speech stole Amy’s Nomination.
    – Shannon’s is actually a legit supporting role, not his fault supporting now basically means `co-lead but not the biggest star’.
    – Neither Kubo nor Moana will beat Zootopia.
    – Makeup is consistently the most batshit baffling category, that apparently values facepaint (Suicide Squad) over actual make-up (Deadpool).
    – Mel was EXTREMELY popular in Hollywood for 30 years before his meltdown. Not saying his Trumpian outburst was okay in any way, but there have been few falls-from-grace that the industry has been unwilling to forgive after enough time has elapsed for a comeback narrative.
    – Hell or High Water is awesome.
    – La La Land will indeed win it all, and get even more undeserved hate as `light & escapist’ frontrunners always, ALWAYS do – ESPECIALLY if they center around a female POV. (See also The Artist, Shakespeare in Love, Chicago, Titanic, etc. ). We like our Best Pic winners to be deadly serious, and anchored by male leads. (Don’t @ me motherfuckers.)