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Reactions to the 2017 Oscar nominations

The Academy announced their 2017 Oscar Nominations yesterday morning. A few reactions:

  • Meryl Streep getting nominated for an Oscar and NOT Amy Adams for Arrival is some real bullshit.
  • Suicide Squad has more Academy Award nominations than The Handmaiden (which, yes, wasn’t even submitted for consideration). Passengers has more nominations than Silence. Up is down. Left is right. Dogs and cats, sleeping together. Mass hysteria.
  • Hell or High Water surprised me with a few nominations including Best Picture (???) and a Best Supporting for Jeff Bridges (the last one is deserved but I didn’t know if it would happen).
  • Michael Shannon was great in Nocturnal Animals but he was only in the movie for like 15 minutes? I guess if Tommy Lee Jones can win for The Fugitive, anything’s possible…
  • In 2010, Mel Gibson was caught on tape telling Oksana Grigorieva that if she was “raped by a pack of niggers” it would be her own fault. Now he’s been nominated for Best Director and Best Picture via Hacksaw Ridge. THAT’S HOLLYWOOD FOR YA, FOLKS! (for more on this, read Britt Hayes over at ScreenCrush)
  • Pixar totally shut out this year. Not a surprise: All of the Best Animated Film nominations are better than Finding Dory.
  • I hope Moana wins because I freaking love that film, but KUBO winning would also be great because after the tepid box office performance of that film, Laika needs a victory.
  • All your base are belong to La La Land (14 noms). It will destroy all other contenders this year.

Over at /Film, Jacob Hall has a great piece on this year’s biggest snubs and surprises.