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Stuff to do in Seattle

I often get emails and tweets from total strangers asking me: “I’m coming to Seattle! What should I do?”

Initially I thought it might be worth making a list, but I actually think that 7×7’s list of 100 things to do in Seattle before you die is pretty solid. I’ve personally done at least half of these and found these items to be either tasks that I’ve enjoyed, or could easily imagine myself enjoying.

So, if you’re coming to Seattle and you and I have never had an in-person conversation before, please: Just consult the list.

  • Thanks for putting this up. Have been looking for a time to visit Seattle for the first time. This is a fantastic guide. Keep it up.

  • I was one of those total strangers, thank you so much for sending me the list! I ended up doing more than a dozen of them and found it invaluable. The best part is, they list them by neighborhood. So we would just wander around the city and then periodically look up to see what stuff on the list was near us.