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Two Years

Exactly two years ago today, I walked into New Employee Orientation at Microsoft and into a new life (I took the above photo that day). I still remember how nervous I was, surrounded by all these hyper-intelligent people and unsure of of how profoundly everything was about to change.

Starting work at Microsoft was just the precipitating factor that set in motion a massive chain of events, culminating in the recent completion of principal photography for my upcoming concert film with Stephen Tobolowsky. Along the way, I’ve met the most awesome, wonderful, talented people. It’s hard for me to even remember what life was like before Microsoft. As my friend Lisa put it, it simultaneously feels like a lifetime ago, and also like just yesterday that I was checking into my Seattle temporary housing for the first time.

Working at Microsoft can change someone’s life. It can GIVE someone a life. It can enable you to have a career, to work on products that are used by millions of people, to live in an amazing city, to buy a house(!). Getting a job here is transformative. There are few days that go by when I don’t feel gratitude for it, even though there ARE days that are really challenging…

I remain appreciative to my colleagues Audrey and Terri for recommending me for my first job, and KC for giving me an offer when few others would’ve. Sometimes, all someone needs is a chance to prove themselves. If you provide one, then who knows what good things can come of it?