in seattle

The Wedding of Josh and Erin

I was honored to film the wedding of Josh and Erin this weekend (Erin, the bride, was coincidentally also in attendance at the last wedding I shot). The wedding was held at the scenic Kerry Park in Seattle. I did not attend the reception.

This video was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with a Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod. Audio was recording separately using the onboard mics on a Zoom H4n. Song is “You Are Mine” (Instrumental) by Spencer Combs, licensed from The Music Bed.

I’m very pleased with how the video turned out, in particular from a color grading perspective. Again, I used FilmConvert while shooting on a Flaat 10 picture style. Every time I use FilmConvert, I feel like I get a better sense of what to expect from it – where I can push the software, and where I need to back off or avoid using it altogether. That being said, from a color/sharpness/composition perspective, there are a few shots in this video that rise to a level of excellence I’m very pleased with.

Also, on the video advice of Philip Bloom, I actually added a sharpening filter to most of the shots in this video. I think it really makes a huge difference; shots are crisper and have a lot more pop to them, only without the aliasing that would come from doing this on almost any of Canon’s other lower-end DSLRs. The lack of moire and aliasing on the 5D Mark III is truly freeing, and makes it difficult for me to want to shoot serious videos with my 60D anymore.