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Thoughts on the Tobolowsky Files Live at the Moore

Nine months ago, Stephen Tobolowsky and I took the stage at the Neptune Theater in Seattle to perform The Tobolowsky Files live. It was a sold-out performance, and every seat in the 850-seat auditorium was filled. We were given 10 tickets to distribute amongst local friends. We didn’t even fill all the slots.

Last night, we did a packed show at the Moore Theatre in Seattle. This time, we brought 35 people with us, a testament to how drastically my life has changed in just the past 9 months. I was grateful to see so many of my awesome local friends and colleagues in the theater last night, cheering us on and enjoying Stephen’s wonderful, powerful, moving storytelling. I will never forget last night for the rest of my life.

Walking onto stage in front of 1,110 people, almost all of whom are there because they are fans of something you helped to create: there’s nothing else like it. Thanks to everyone who came, to Stephen for being his usual amazing self, and especially to Adam Zacks, the man with the plan, for making it happen.