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Things I’ve Learned So Far in Seattle

I’ve only been in Seattle for about four days, but here are a few brief, unscientific observations I’ve made during my time here:

Rain – WTF, dude? It’s everywhere. It’s constant, and it’s cold. And people don’t use umbrellas? My local friend Megan told me that using an umbrella is a really good way for people to tell that you’re not from here. I say, if using an umbrella results in social ostracizing, then I am ready to become a pariah.

Speed – I haven’t been here that long, but already I’ve had a person tell me, “We do things a lot slower here on the West Coast.” I’ll leave it to your imagination what the context of this was. Suffice it to say, people here are a lot more chill. They drive at the speed limit. They are patient and good at waiting. They don’t flip out in the middle of department stores. Basically: the opposite of how people behave in Boston.

The Seattle Freeze – I haven’t experienced this directly yet, but many of my friends have made mention of it. To quote from Urban Dictionary:

It’s not that people here are unfriendly, they will hold the door for you and wave you into traffic and stuff like that, it’s that everything is maddeningly impersonal. The attitude is “have a nice day, somewhere else”. It’s easy to get along but making friends is almost impossible. People will say they want to hang out with you sometime and look at you like a freak when you actually suggest something. People enthusiastically say they are coming to a party then don’t show up. People are flaky and hard to pin down. Girls lead you on for weeks and snub you with no explanation. People are insincere. Norms of social interaction don’t apply here. Most people don’t like or dislike you, they’re totally indifferent. Every interaction will be maddeningly superficial. 

This sounds like the worst fate imaginable. I shall endeavor to counteract this as often as possible by forcing my way into people’s homes and having dinner with them against their will.

The Food, My God, The Food – I thought I had it good in Boston, but the food scene here is far better than I could have possibly comprehended. I’ve only eaten at a few restaurants so far and already I have been blown away by the selection and the quality. Dollar for dollar, you cannot beat this place. And I’ve only just begun my culinary journey.


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