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Regret Makes Us Human

I spend a lot of time thinking about my past and about the decisions that have led me to this point. This phenomenon has become even more pronounced, as I have just uprooted myself and moved to Seattle (follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see all my updates as I adjust to my new life here).

A lot of people say you shouldn’t spend time in regret; it wastes a lot of energy and doesn’t really accomplish anything. Still, a part of me can’t help but dwell on my mistakes and ponder the counterfactuals.

Kathryn Schulz’s TED Talk on regret, which I just watched today, is perhaps one of my favorite TED Talks ever. In it, Schulz beautifully articulates the importance of regret. Far from being something we should discard, regret is perhaps something we should embrace because it can help make us who we are.

I was unexpectedly moved by this talk. I hope it helps you too.