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The Canon 5D Mark III Is Real

After literally years of speculation about Canon’s successor to the wildly popular Canon 5D Mark II, the 5D Mark III is finally here! The improvements are mostly incremental: better image quality, especially in low-light, some more video/audio options, and superior software options.

I currently own a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 7D, and to be honest, nothing about the new camera screams “MUST BUY!” to me. The Mark II still produces dynamite images and the 7D has some pretty robust video features. The extra $1000+ I would be forking over for a Mark III (compared to a Mark II) will be difficult to justify.

Then again, I haven’t seen the images yet. If they are truly mind-blowing, which they very well may be, I might have to dip into the old savings account for an upgrade…