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Having Your Hand on the Brass Ring

New York magazine has an interview with Suzanne Sena, who plays fictional news anchor Brooke Alvarez on The Onion News Network. Suzanne was a finalist in the audition to replace Kathie Lee Giffords as Regis Philbin’s co-host. She expounds on her biggest regret of the situation:

The $40 million paycheck I didn’t receive. It was an absolute highlight of my career, but I’ve had many more highlights since then, and the Onion is definitely one of them. To me, it was having my hand on the brass ring and then losing it, but it taught me so much.

I can’t imagine being so tantalizing close to a $40 million payday, then having it slip away. Would I be able to psychologically bounce back from that? Not sure, but the fact that Suzanne has is certainly encouraging.