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Wedding Photography Is a Dangerous Game

Maybe I don’t want to get into this industry after all…

[O]ne groom, disappointed with his wedding photos, decided to sue. The photographers had missed the last dance and the bouquet toss, the groom, Todd J. Remis of Manhattan, said.

But what is striking, said the studio that took the pictures, is that Mr. Remis’s wedding took place in 2003 and he waited six years to sue. And not only has Mr. Remis demanded to be repaid the $4,100 cost of the photography, he also wants $48,000 to recreate the entire wedding and fly the principals to New York so the celebration can be re-shot by another photographer.

  • This puts me off wedding photography as a career, but it makes me wonder if I shouldn't have gone to law school.

    The most bizarre aspect of this is that the couple are actually now divorced. The groom wants to recreate a wedding for a marriage that no longer exists. What would they use those photos for? And when they showed people the photos, would they say "Of course, these aren't the real photos, they were actually taken after we split up".