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A Plague On Both Your Film Houses

I really loved Charles Taylor’s new piece for Dissent magazine, in which he lambastes both online film critics and the print critics who hate them:

The rigorous division of websites into narrow interests, the attempts of Amazon and Netflix to steer your next purchase based on what you’ve already bought, the ability of Web users to never encounter anything outside of their established political or cultural preferences, and the way technology enables advertisers to identify each potential market and direct advertising to it, all represent the triumph of cultural segregation that is the negation of democracy. It’s the reassurance of never having to face anyone different from ourselves.

  • You wrote: "in which he lambastes both online film critics and the print critics who hate them." Re-read the second graf:

    "Each side’s view may be equally rosy, but that doesn’t mean each can make an equal claim. I’ve been a film critic on and off for twenty-five years and have been lucky enough to take part in the tail end of the best era of print film criticism and the beginning of the Internet, when it seemed like the Web would be the new delivery system for the kind of writing that was starting to be imperiled in print. My experience tells me that not only was film criticism in better shape in the print era, but good work stood a greater chance of making an impact."

    Taylor IS "the print critic who hates them." Whether or not that's justified.

    YOU, specifically, are of the class he hates.

    Whether or not that's justified.

  • Oh I'm very clear on which "side" he's on. But I'm glad he took the piss out of both 🙂