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Stephen Tobolowsky on ‘Weekday’ Live

Yesterday, Stephen Tobolowsky went to Seattle, Washington to perform “The Tobolowsky Files” live at a fundraiser on Vashon Island. While in the area, he stopped by the Neptune Theatre for a live recording of ‘Weekday’ live on KUOW, Seattle’s premiere public radio station. I was sad that I could not make it out there, but thankfully, we can listen to his interview on ‘Weekday’ live right here.

I’ve been working on “The Tobolowsky Files” for two years now. For two years, I have tirelessly produced and edited each episode and promoted the show at every possible turn. It has consumed hundreds of hours of my life, and I have received essentially no financial compensation for it. But as I listened to the interview begin and heard the audience of hundreds cheering his name when “The Tobolowsky Files” was invoked…man, there is nothing like it.

  • You deserve all the accolades and credit and so much more for producing, editing, and coming up with the initial idea of The Tobolowsky Files. It is still my favorite podcast, and has brought me so much joy over the almost 2 years since it started. Thank you David, and keep up the great work.

  • Ditto what Adamwells says in the previous comment–THANK YOU for your generosity to us listeners and commitment to the project.
    I had just listened to several episodes of TSTF on a long plane ride the previous evening, and thought how great it would be to see Stephen live someday. The next morning, I found out about the Neptune Theatre appearance as I was leaving for work, and only the fact that I had an unavoidable meeting scheduled that morning prevented me from making the detour to catch the show.

  • David, thank you for all your work on the Tobo files. I just tried to buy tickets for the January 7th show at the Neptune and you need a code. It would be a good idea to post the code here or put it at the end of the next podcast. Thanks again. Dan