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That Ridiculous Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover

Michelle Bachmann appeared on the cover of Newsweek recently, with an extremely unflattering photograph and headline. Adam Clark Estes has a nice rundown of reactions, most of which I agree with. In particular, I appreciate Jessica Grose’s begrudging defense of Bachmann:

The Newsweek cover was unnecessarily unflattering. I doubt Newsweek would portray a male candidate with such a lunatic expression on his face. As much as it pains me to admit it Bachmann is a legitimate candidate and major magazines should treat her like one.

  • From an European perspective: Bachman is a sick lunatic and the citizens of the US should be both ashamed and deeply worried that their country is in a state where such a sick person is regarded as a legitimate candidate.
    Congrats to Newsweek to cover that human failure in an appropriate way.

  • After seeing these pics:
    I really cannot say she is misrepresented with the cover pic.

  • I completely disagree. First of all, it made Newsweek look even worse to post those "outtakes" pics. Secondly, I think Jon Stewart puts it best:

  • I guess it is always hard to accept an ugly truth (no pun intended). But when the public only knows blinky-blinky pics bleached in hours of photoshop such a pic might be troublesome.
    Make a fuzz about the question if it was right to portrait her in that way and ignore all underlying questions (e.g. How the fuck can so many people believe in such a wacko?). In a country where all ethics in media are long lost mostly thanks to Murdoch's empire you think this picture should spawn a debate?
    A bat-crazy candidate is still a lunatic.