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Shooting San Francisco

I visited San Francisco this past weekend to see some old friends and see about a job opportunity. I was able to bring my Canon 7D with me, along with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. In addition, I brought along my trusty Fuji X100 as well. The Fuji is a phenomenal travel camera — small, unassuming, attractive, and likely to spark conversation with those who see you using it:

In addition, I did a brief photo shoot with my friend Sara. We took these photos after viewing the Picasso exhibit at the de Young museum, which, btw, was breathtaking:

Sara is one of those natural beauties, a person whose posing and expressions are so sublime that they rarely needs any direction from me. I hope these photos were able to bring out that beauty.

  • Ah some really nice photos I'd say. There is this one pic at a pier with a couple sitting there that I really,really like. Should visit that place someday (but only after the get that Ape problem sorted, saw this documentary recently, so will wait ;). And yes, Sara is a natural beauty, very engaging (unique look, nice smile, has something soft and quiet about her), could be an actress (or is she?). Nice pics too, I'm sure she is very happy with them as well. I also really like the last pic in that slideshow, the colors are nice and works nicely somehow.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Alexander!