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I’m Going to New Zealand

On Sunday, July 24th, I’ll be getting on a plane and heading to Wellington, New Zealand. Paramount Pictures will be funding part of my journey, during which I’ll get to visit WETA, meet Peter Jackson, and chat about his new film The Adventures of Tintin. However, I’m also paying out of my own pocket to stay in New Zealand for a few extra days. My hope is to see some of the spectacular sights of the South Island and visit some locations from Lord of the Rings while I’m at it. If I have time/am conscious, I’ll try to blog about my experiences, although it’s more likely that I’ll save all my content until I return home.

Obviously, updates will be sparse on here for about two weeks, but I plan to take tons of amazing photos that I hope you’ll be pleased by.

If you have any suggestions for places I should definitely visit, please leave them in the comments (along with specific details about how I might get there). I’m planning on being on the South Island for about 2 days.

If any of you New Zealanders would like to meet me, I’ll probably be hanging out at the lobby bar in the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington on Tuesday night (7/26) at around 8 PM. This could easily change though, so do follow me on Twitter to make sure you stay up to date with what’s going.

Wish me safe travels. I’ll see you on the other side.

  • CSL

    In the immortal words of Ben Affleck, "I'm putting this f*ckin' place in my rear view."

  • CSL

    I feel dumb. Got to ad the word 'whole' and replace 'place' with 'town' for the quote to be accurate. Like misquoting William Shakesman.

  • Amazing!

  • EDC

    hey Dave,
    try whakatane.
    wha is pronounced fu.
    or waikikamoocow .
    or Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu.

  • EDC

    google them.

  • Dave, you're going to love NZ, it's not called (by NZers) God's Own Country for nothing. My top pick for the South Island would be Queenstown; charming town set right next to stunning lakes and surrounded by (this time of year) snow-covered mountains – awesome spot for photography as this photoessay shows:

    If you're driving down there from Wellington, you go right past Lake Tekapo, another amazing spot:

    Safe travels!

  • Dave, if you do have a meetup, I for one would be keen to come.

    Just make sure you bring a LOT of warm clothes. We're in winter, and we're in a particularly cold spell right now, so be ready for that.

    Regarding things to do in the South Island, it really depends where in the Island you're initially flying into, but I'll also strongly endorse Richard's recommendation of Lake Tekapo. There's a church on the shore of the lake called the Church of the Good Shepherd that you absolutely have to go to. In fact, there's about three or four lakes within an hour's drive that are all really striking and beautiful.

    But it's hard to go wrong with anywhere in the South Island. It's a beautiful place, and you'll really enjoy it.

  • Thanks for the tips, guys!

    Matthew: What are the specific lakes you would suggest I visit? If you can't tell, I really need people to be as specific as possible since I have no idea where anything is.

  • To be honest, I can't really say exactly what lakes, because we were driving from Christchurch to Queenstown at the time, and mostly we were just driving past them with me thinking "I really wish we had time to stop." I just remember there being a number of lakes close together.

    Definitely Tekapo (which is also the first of the lakes we came to driving from Christchurch), because we stopped at the church.

    Plus there's this one lake (possibly Lake Pukaki, but I may be wrong) which is quite extraordinary – the water was literally a bright aqua colour.

    Beyond that, I would just be looking at Google to see what lakes are in the area, and that's probably something you can easily do. Certainly there is a definite clump of lakes in the area.
    Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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