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Four out of Five Community College Students Want a Transfer

Lily Altavena, detailing widespread dissatisfaction with community colleges (via Mike):

As many as four out of five community college students in the United States want to transfer to a four-year institution so they can obtain a bachelor’s degree, according to a report released Thursday by the College Board. The report, on the challenges facing students who transfer from two-year public colleges to four-year institutions, also found that two of every five undergraduates in the United States is enrolled in a community college.

  • As a product of the California community college system (ended up with a scholarship transfer to a 4-year University in New York, and law school after that) – I can personally attest that the single greatest reason I was able to find success: the first day of my Pol. Sci. class. The teacher handed out a syllabus and then marched us to the counseling department and said: "look, you should realize this is a means to and end…that end being a 4 year university. Therefore, you need to set up some sort of path. So for this first week your assignment is to have a plan – any plan, and stick to it…"