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Todd VanDerWerff’s Extraordinary Interview with Dan Harmon

Todd VanDerWerff over at the AV Club has just finished publishing his complete interview with Community creator and showrunner Dan Harmon. This interview is extraordinary for its length and insight. Harmon is an articulate man with big ideas about television, and is probably one of the most compelling and interesting people working in the medium today. He’s also exceedingly good at speaking at length about his own show (as well he should be).

There are occasions when I question the value of what we do at and in the entertainment press in general. Interviews like these reaffirm that we cultural commentators have the ability to produce and disseminate criticism and content that not only illuminates, but also in some way contributes to the conversation in a way that almost becomes its own artistic work. This interview is the full realization of that potential, and it’s certainly made me better understand what is possible in this game (in other words: it is time for me to start demanding 90-minute interviews!)

You can read the interview in four parts:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

It took me probably about an hour or two to read through the entire thing, so make sure you make the time.