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The Short-Sightedness of iTunes Match

When iTunes Match was first announced as part of Apple’s iCloud initiative, many thought that the benefit to consumers would be obvious. But Rob Sevier, co-owner of indie label Numero Group, doesn’t see it that way:

The company also prides itself on making “cultural artifacts,” replete with extensive liner notes, lyrics, album art, and more. For Numero in particular, iCloud doesn’t offer any tangible benefits. “We’d rather the CD, or better yet the LP, be the backup, not iCloud,” he said.

But, there are bigger issues that could have serious repercussions for artists and labels, especially independent ones. “We could have quietly opted out and not said anything,” Sevier said. “We don’t think most of the people that read our blog really care much about the finer details of copyrights. But we know a number of other people in the industry who might go for this without thinking though all these other issues.”