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Stephen Tobolowsky on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show

Speaking of good podcasts, Stephen Tobolowsky recently appeared on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show to promote The Tobolowsky Files. It is a pretty dynamite episode, if I do say so myself. Listeners of the Files will recognize many of the stories that Stephen tells, but he also pulls out a few that even I haven’t heard yet.

The whole thing is 2 hours long, but I found it enthralling enough that I was able to watch it in its entirety within a few sittings. Also of note: around 53 minutes into this episode, Kevin Pollak mentions my name numerous times! I mean, he doesn’t know who I am or anything, but still! Stephen Tobolowsky and Kevin Pollak discussed me like I am actual person or something! Another life goal achieved.

  • Fantastic as always. Listened to it in one sitting while at work. It's a strange sensation to seemingly know so much about somebody through their podcasts, that when they mention something as a quick aside, you know full backstory. Thats happened multiple times watching this.

    Kevin Pollock is a good host, but the more you watch, the more certain things get a little cloying. But I do like the way he interjects his own stories as part of the conversation sometimes. It gives it a natural back-and-forth feel, and his stories are often just as interesting, especially when their lives intersect in some way (e.g. Jason Alexander).

    For anybody new to his show, I'd recommend watching the Dana Carvey, Eddie Izzard, Joel McHale, Chris McQuarrie, and Jason Alexander to start. There's a lot of good ones, but those are the ones I remember the most.