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Sarah Palin Humiliates Self, Doesn’t Back Down

The above video speaks for itself, but I think James Poniewozik has a smart take on it:

Palin’s history lesson is a controversy different in character and content from Anthony Weiner’s Twitter woes last week: no one suggests on the one hand that anyone “hacked” an interview with Sarah Palin, and on the other hand botching an American history citation is not allegedly tweeting a salacious picture in public. (Which is the worse offense, I leave to the voters.) But they are both examples of a common pattern: a politician, caught in a dustup, tries to brazen his/her way through it and ends up looking even worse. (While, maybe, rallying his/her supporters even more strongly.)

Afterwards, Palin tried to explain that she was actually in the right and that she hadn’t actually horribly botched her little history lesson. Mark Memmot explains why she was still wrong.

Boston: the worst place in the world in which to butcher American history.