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Podcasts I Currently Listen To

I’ve been getting a bunch of e-mails/tweets asking about specific podcasts I’ve mentioned on the /Filmcast, so I thought I’d put together a brief post compiling them all. I listen to a lot of podcasts, not just for enjoyment, but because I think it’s important to figure out what makes shows work (or not work), and try to incorporate lessons learned into my own show(s).

I don’t listen to each of these every single week, but they’re all in the rotation to some extent on my iPhone. Links to reviews if I have them (otherwise I link to iTunes listing). In no particular order:

I may be leaving out a few, but that’s the bulk of them. I realize there are a lot of excellent shows that aren’t on this list, but sometimes you have to make difficult decisions in order to survive the pop culture landscape.

  • Great list! I subscribe to about 2/3 of these myself, which is probably not surprising (chances are somebody following your work would have similar tastes), but it's awesome because I know I'll enjoy the ones I haven't heard yet.

    Special kudos for calling out The Bugle, which is so brilliant.

    I think you should write a piece about what you mentioned above: what works and what doesn't in a podcast, and what have you lessons have you learned that you've incorporated into your own show.

  • Good idea, Daanish. Maybe if I have more time.. 🙂

  • Great list here.

    I also took your recommendation of Extra Hot Great. I was hooked pretty quick, but over time I started to get really irritated with it. They often approach the things they don't like with a dismissive sort of cynicism, as though a certain movie just insulted them and isn't worth the time it takes to say its title.

  • Bon

    Good list. The only one I'd add as a must-listen is Slate's Culture Gabfest. Great discussions of TV, movies, books, articles, scandals, and everything in between.

  • @Corey,

    I agree that they can be very cynical, but there is so much more joy in that podcast than there is cynicism. Plus, as a producer, I can tell that they probably put a crapton of work into creating that show each week (between the diff segments, preparing for the show by watching specific episodes, etc.).

    Basically, I agree with you, but I don't think it's a problem and will probably listen foreverz 🙂

  • Ever try The Joe Rogan Experience? If you're listening to Corolla and Maron, it might be worth a shot. Episodes with Duncan Trussell as guest are usually incredibly mind-bending.

  • You list a lot of great podcasts, and I probably also subscribe to about 2/3 of them or so.

    I already feel like I've subscribed to too many, but I've recently discovered Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, due to Stephen Tobolowsky tweeting about his appearance, so I've got a bunch of episodes of that to get through (and that's after deleting all the ones with guests I have no interest in).

    Battleship Pretension is unfortunately approaching the chopping block for me, because it seems that — especially in the last few months — it's taken a big swing toward guest episodes with small-name/local comedians, talking about their favorite movies. Tyler and David often sound like they're simply winging it now, as if they're just trying to keep the show going, but after listening to them for a few years, it seems hard to let them go. The WTF podcast is all I need for a comedy fix, and Marc gets great guests.

  • I don't how you find time to listen to any podcasts. You have your own show, plus going to movies, watch the tv shows you like, go to school, work at your day time job, and doing your photography.

    I listen to some of the podcasts on your list. I agree with one of your commenters about Kevin Pollack. I have not watched or listened to all of them. Just the guests I would have an interest in. The shows are more of a consersation then question and answer. Very good show.

  • Sam

    Interesting list Dave – i listen to alot of those myself.
    I find between the Slashfilm cast and the Film Spotting guys, most of my film needs and interests are well and truly covered. You often cover different films, so the two podcasts are great companions in my opinion.
    I would also highly recommend adding the Slate Culture Gabfest (as Bon suggested) and Freakonomics to your list if you have the time.

  • I know there's a very low chance you will have the time nor the sincere interest in checking any of the following out, but I think each (except for the final one) deserve a fair shot…

    Film/TV Podcasts: Horror Etc, Movie Geeks United, KCRW's The Treatment (if you don't already listen to it), Script Magazine or scriptmag in iTunes, On the Page

    Pop Culture/Comedy: Pop My Culture, The Long Shot Podcast, Totally Laime, The Nerdist, Comedy Bang Bang (if you don't already listen to it), Professor Blastoff, Asssscat! Podcast, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Doug Loves Movies

    Storytelling: KCRW's Unfictional

    Last, but not least: Double Feature (if only to see if you agree that the two hosts of this show are most of the time very annoying/off-putting!)