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When Photography Determines The Path of Your Existence

During the next month, Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal will have high-quality photographic images of 50 foster children looking for homes. The NY Daily News reports:

Life-sized portraits of the kids taken by renowned photographers were unveiled yesterday as part of a “Heart Gallery” on display in hopes of enticing potential parents. Malik, 14, moved into his latest foster home in Canarsie a week ago – his sixth since he was taken away from his parents at age 6 after they left him home alone for weeks, he said. “I never found the right place,” said Malik, an eighth-grader who has had to change schools four times while being shifted among foster homes all over the city. “I don’t feel like a normal teenager. I’m hoping to find a nice family…I never felt loved by a parent before.”

The project was set up by Heartshare. The project raises a few ethical issues, the most potentially troubling of which is (what I’m guessing might be) the use of aesthetically attractive children to entice parents to adopt. That being said, any project that gets more foster children into loving homes is not something I care to take a stand against.