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Post-Credits Sequences

I recently watched Fast Five and Thor, then discovered after the fact that I missed post-credits sequences for both films. This frustration reminded me of Eric D. Snider’s rant about this very topic three years ago (almost to the day):

It has been well established that when a list of names starts scrolling up against a black screen, the movie is OVER. You’re done. Whatever story you had to tell, you told it. That’s the way movies work. You want to put something cute after the credits, fine. Knock yourself out. A lot of times that stuff is fun. But it doesn’t count as an actual part of the story. If it’s something we need to know, tell us. Don’t hide it after the list of gaffers and production assistants and humane society certifications.

  • I've tried to get in the habit of checking on my way to the theater. Though it seems to only be the big blockbustery movies that do this.

  • I usually try to stay in the theater through the credits – I only leave if I've hated a film, if I need to use the bathroom, or if I'm with people who want to go now. Otherwise, I like to just sit, reflect on what I've seen, and enjoy any pieces of the score that they choose to play. So I usually catch any post-credit scenes that they might add.

    But really, you left before the end of Thor? Both Iron Man films famously had post-credit teasers for The Avengers, so I had already assumed Thor would have the same. (Similarly, all three Pirates films had post-credit scenes, so there's a good chance there'll be one for On Stranger Tides.)

    In any case, I disagree with Eric's rant. The movie isn't over when the credit's start rolling – the end credits are part of the movie. If you don't care about the people who worked for years on the entertainment you've just watched, fine, but if you're walking out before the movie finishes, don't complain if you miss part of the movie.

  • The fact that word spread over the past few weeks that there was a post credits scene in Thor and the fact both Iron Man movies had one, I find it hard to sympathize. As for Fast Five, I've seen it three times and the house lights never came on until after the post credits scene. If the house lights don't come on, I'd stay and wait. The post credits scenes are things I always look forward to because they're fun for fans and usually show us where we're going next.

  • i hate post credit sequences. i don't enjoy wasting 10 minutes waiting so i'll never watch them.