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Google’s “It Gets Better” Ad

Caught this on TV tonight and thought it was worth sharing:

I found it to be brave and moving. Moving, because Google knows just the right combination of light piano music and computer GUI to pull the heartstrings, and brave because I’m sure there are a bunch of conservative Google users out there who might not appreciate the message of the ad. Still, it’s one that’s worth spreading, and clearly Google believed in it.

  • These It Gets Better videos always make the hair on my head stand on ends, but in a good, fuzzy way. Now, I know you are a Christian Dave, but it's nice to see you help support those that society don't look so favourably on (especially in other parts of the world). Very Christ-like of you 🙂

    By the way, huuuge fan of the /Filmcast and the Tobolowsky Files. And my girlfriend thinks you have a great voice for radio.