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Pixel Pocket Rocket Review

One of my most obvious needs for shooting photography gigs is an apparatus for storing compact flash cards. The world seems to have moved on to SD, but Canon’s 5D series, the 7D, as well as the 50D all still use compact flash, so if you want to use those cameras, you gotta deal with the cards. Sure, I could stuff them into my pocket, but this creates a number of difficulties (e.g. the cards can get dirty, crushed, and/or difficult to retrieve). Thus, I wanted some kind of card wallet for storing them.

Think Tank Photo’s Pixel Pocket Rocket seemed like just the right purchase for my needs (they make a smaller one that also holds SD cards). It’s cheap, well-designed, and it does the very simple task set before it. The Pixel Pocket Rocket feels durable, and has see-through mesh pockets for your cards so you can see which ones you’ve already used. It can store up to 10 cards and it’s super light, although when folded up, it can be a little thick to fit into a pocket (no thicker than average-sized wallet though). There’s also a neat see-through compartment for your business cards.

You can use the strap to attach it to a belt loop, other clothing articles, or even other Think Tank photo products. While the strap and the stitching that it attaches to feel solid, it doesn’t look that solid, so I did get a little bit nervous while using it. I feel like to use this product ideally, you’d loop the strap around your belt loop, then store this thing in your pocket and only take it out when switching cards. I personally would prefer something that doesn’t require you to put it inside your pocket (perhaps something that attaches to a belt), but that would be a different product entirely. Leaving the Pixel Pocket Rocket flapping around attached to your belt loop is NOT a good option for storing important cards.

Nonetheless, for $16, this thing basically can’t be beat. I plan on getting years of mileage out of it. Here’s my video review of the Pixel Pocket Rocket:

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