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The Real-Life Story of Scumbag Steve (AKA Blake Boston)

You may not have even known that Scumbag Steve was a meme, but Blake Boston certainly does; it’s his photo that has appeared on countless internet message boards, bearing occasionally amusing messages about what a douchebag he is.

Now Know Your Meme has an interview with Blake Boston in which he describes the real-life horrors of being an internet meme.

Q: On the down side of internet fame, I hear you’ve been getting harassed by Anonymous pranksters left and right. How’s that going? I imagine you’re in a glass case of emotions right now.

A: Sucks man. I guess people can’t separate the meme from the real me in some cases. Like people got my name, my phone, my Facebook, started callin’. Callin’ me all kind of racist shit, callin’ my girl and my family all hours of the night. Some asshole put up an ultrasound picture of my unborn kid and wished it would die. How fucked is that? My girl cried all night. She felt molested by that. Lot of racist shit being said, lot of haters. But truth is man, even with d-bags like that, I have it good really cuz I’ve got my family and my friends who know me. And no one can break that.