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My Favorite Commercials from Superbowl XLV (2011)

I’m not going to include any of the movie trailers, because we’ve covered them much better at /Film (my take: Super 8, Transformers, and Battle: LA were great. Thor was not). Excluding those, here are some of my favorites

CarMax – Takes a turn of phrase and expands it until its breaking point. Fun visuals.

Chevy Volt – A beautiful commercial for what I’ve heard is a legitimately revoluationary car.

Bridgestone – Hilarious take on the accidental reply-to-all phenomenon. Love the “Do Not Attempt” subtitle at the bottom.

Volkswagen – Sure it already has over 13 million views and was released prior to the game, but that doesn’t make it NOT adorable. That child(?) actor does a ton of emoting from behind a mask.

And some of my least favorites:

Chevy Cruze – For those who can’t even wait to get home to begin the stalking (side note: Why the hell is she updating her Facebook status about him when they’re Facebook friends?)

Doritos – Creepy.

Pepsi – I want to say this ad is slightly racist, but I’m afraid that that might make me slightly racist? Love the ultraviolence though.