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My Favorite Commercials from Superbowl XLV (2011)

I’m not going to include any of the movie trailers, because we’ve covered them much better at /Film (my take: Super 8, Transformers, and Battle: LA were great. Thor was not). Excluding those, here are some of my favorites

CarMax – Takes a turn of phrase and expands it until its breaking point. Fun visuals.

Chevy Volt – A beautiful commercial for what I’ve heard is a legitimately revoluationary car.

Bridgestone – Hilarious take on the accidental reply-to-all phenomenon. Love the “Do Not Attempt” subtitle at the bottom.

Volkswagen – Sure it already has over 13 million views and was released prior to the game, but that doesn’t make it NOT adorable. That child(?) actor does a ton of emoting from behind a mask.

And some of my least favorites:

Chevy Cruze – For those who can’t even wait to get home to begin the stalking (side note: Why the hell is she updating her Facebook status about him when they’re Facebook friends?)

Doritos – Creepy.

Pepsi – I want to say this ad is slightly racist, but I’m afraid that that might make me slightly racist? Love the ultraviolence though.

  • I generally think watching the Super Bowl exclusively for the ads is kind of an insane thing to do. And so I'm not as enthusiastic about this as other people probably are. But I thought that this year's crop of ads was almost uniformly terrible. You pinpointed the only two ads I liked: the Bridgestone one about reply all (funny joke on a legit fear we've all had) and the Star Wars Volkswagon ad (cute). The rest were weird to creepy to unfunny to offensive ("Hey Tibet! You know your decades of suffering? TIMOTHY HUTTON THINKS IT'S FUNNY!").

  • That Little Vader Volkswagen commercial is too adorable. The Bridgestone "Reply All" one is funny, but I think I liked this Bridgestone commercial better:

  • Thoughts on the Adrien Brody/Stella commercial. Not particular funny but interesting at least.

  • Bon

    nope not racist.

  • No love for the eminem/chrysler commercial? That and the VW commercials are the only ones that stuck with me today.

  • There's definitely existing racial baggage that coincides with that Pepsi commercial.

    I don't think you are racist to take notice of it. The creators probably aren't exactly racist though, but I'd have some questions for them.

    Like the hostile black woman who terrorizes her boyfriend stereotype? How oblivious would one have to be to not be aware of that?

    But then it's possible that it was just a coincidence. They may have had the script written and then decided (actively or passively) not to let that potential stigma prevent them from hiring black actors.

    Or maybe they decided to imitate a Martin Lawrence or Eddie Murphy movie that has similar relationships and characters, and then purposefully use black actors in the sketch to generate that similar comic effect.

    It's impossible to tell. Either way the commercial was pretty bad.

  • EDC

    I'm amazed vw would want to be associated with a genocidal empire.