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Positive Trends in Digital Photography

Gordon Haff discusses what’s going well in the world of digital photography. Example (and thank goodness for this): the megapixel wars are basically over. Haff elaborates:

For a time, camera makers vigorously proclaimed how their camera sensors had more megapixels than the competition. This made some sense in the early days of digital photography when cameras really didn’t have enough sensor sites to deliver the resolution needed for making even modest-sized prints at high quality. However, for most purposes, more pixels don’t much improve image quality past a certain point and crowding more pixels into a given area means that individual pixels have to be smaller…

It was noteworthy therefore when, in late 2009, Canon revealed that its new Canon Powershot G11 model would actually have a lower megapixel count than its predecessor. This event played a big part in reducing the emphasis placed on megapixels. (At least in cameras; the megapixels war rages on with mobile phones.) And this, in turn, is one of the factors that has allowed for cameras with fast and low-noise sensors that can take quality pictures in very little light.