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Homeless Man Redeemed by the Power of the Internet

I’ll keep this short because it’s all over the internet at this point. But I have to post about it, because this stuff gets me all choked up.

Not too long ago, a video of this homeless man with a golden, perfect-for-radio voice went viral on the internet:

Before long, Williams was being profiled by dozens of outlets, including the Columbus Dispatch. Here’s a video of Williams chatting with the CBS Early Show:

In a fitting conclusion for such a story, Williams has been offered jobs by the, ESPN, MTV, and Cleveland Cavaliers. NFL Films has also reached out to see if he’d be interested in doing voicevoer work.

The lesson here? Some people are just born with it. Right? Is that the lesson? Whatever. A down-on-his-luck guy won the media lottery, and we are all edified as a result. That’s all that’s important.

[Update: Here’s a [bad] explanation as to why the video is no longer available.]

  • I think a fair amount of this explosion can be credited to the strength of the reddit campaign started by a Columbus resident too.

    I lived in Columbus for 4 years while going to Ohio State, we had a rapping bum who was pretty cool, never saw this guy tho.

  • I'm from Columbus and have actually driven past this guy before. Incredible story. Definitely makes you think twice about those people on the side of the road.

  • The Soloist?

  • For me this story drove home the point that our nation's homeless population needs a lot more help than they are getting. This man may never have ended up on the street if there had been more resources available to help fight his alcohol and drug addictions.