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Chinese Mothers are Not Superior

Christine Lu responds to Amy Chua’s inflammatory article in the WSJ:

Chinese mothers are not superior. It’s clear that the author Amy Chua has a new book out and linkbait headlines in the WSJ will help her sell them. I understand she uses the term “Chinese Mother” to represent a certain parenting style – one that I am very familiar with from personal experience…

As a responsibility to herself as a “superior Chinese mother”, I think Amy Chua should do a bit of research outside her comfort zone and help readers understand why Asian-American females have one of the highest rates of suicide in the U.S. — I bet many of you didn’t know that. I didn’t until after the fact. It’d make a good follow up book to this one she’s currently profiting from.

  • Josh G

    Being half Asian myself I have both experienced and seen the results of Amy Chua's "Chinese Parenting". While "Chinese Parenting" can seem beneficial especially when the child is young, in my experience it can also be quite damaging as the child grows up.

  • You can be a Chinese mother without being Amy Chua's brand of Chinese mother