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Pajiba’s Brutal Takedown of Kevin Smith (and Movie Bloggers)

When Dustin Rowles from Pajiba gets pissed, I get the hell out of the way. There’s something I find addictive about Rowles’ incendiary language. It’s the language of righteous indignation, language that doesn’t give a ____ who or what gets caught up in the ensuing maelstrom. And because his latest attack targets both director Kevin Smith and some of my fellow movie blogger colleagues (and probably myself?), I present an excerpt here without further comment:

If you follow Kevin Smith over on the Twitter, I pity you. I follow Kevin Smith because I love the guy, but Jesus Christ: The man alternates between two personalities: Pitch-man, trying to sell his wares and promote his film (and the endless Smodcasts) or King of the Motherfucking Bitches. Everyone complains on Twitter — my God, it’s an endless stream of whiny motherfuckers who are either detailing every goddamn boo boo they’ve ever experienced, or taking umbrage with something someone else said or wrote. I bet you didn’t know that there were 140 characters in “YOU SUCK! PAY ATTENTION TO ME,” but that’s probably because you don’t follow enough movie bloggers on Twitter.

But nobody whines more than Kevin Smith, not even the movie bloggers who constantly whine about Kevin Smith. Lately, the dude refuses to shut the fuck up about movie critics and movie blogs and how they’re ruining society and sending us into a dark dystopian future where we’ll never be free to run Cop Out on a continuous loop until our fucking brains bleed out of our head.

  • Anonymous

    Dave — I think you're probably one of the least whiny, least pretentious movie bloggers on Twitter. You don't engage in arguments; you facilitate conversations. Plus, you write and link to a lot of stuff outside of the movie blogger microcosm, which I really appreciate.

    Better still, I don't think I've ever seen you shame another movie blogger for having an opinion that differs from your own. That I appreciate more than anything.

    So, no: That was in no way targeted at you.

    – Dustin

  • I didn't think so, Dustin, but I didn't want to assume 🙂 Thanks for the kind words. Your rant was spectacular.