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We Were the Rally

Kirby Fields has written a heartwarming essay on his family’s attempt to attend Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity:

There was a point at which I became acclimated to being smack in the middle of 200,000 people. There was a point at which “This is the rally” became “This is the rally.” I can’t pinpoint the moment exactly, but I know it was a result of me relaxing into the experience, like I was settling into an unfamiliar drug. I caught what I could. Kid Rock was announced. This is so Stewart can say he included the right, I thought. I recognized Sheryl Crow’s voice. And when I could barely make out Stewart and Colbert’s climactic debate, I didn’t for a second think, “I’m missing it”. All that stuff on the stage. That was just to get people’s attention. Those of us in the crowd that day, we were the important part. I wasn’t missing it. We were it.

I know I’ve been blogging about this a lot, so I feel like this will probably be my last post on the subject. Still, I loved Fields’ piece so much I just had to share. Related note: Here’s my friend Linda, describing what it was like to ride a Huffington bus to the rally.