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“It will not continue the way it’s going right now…”

Drew McWeeny, on the future of online film journalism:

Things have changed in the last 14 years or so, since I first logged onto a computer looking for movie talk and/or movie news, and while some things about that evolution are great, there are many others that are starting to make me despise the state of the business. I have a feeling this is a conversation that is just warming up, and I hope to play a part in redefining my own feelings about how things should work both here on the site and on the Internet at large. One thing’s certain… it will not continue the way it’s going right now, and the sites that survive this next evolution are the ones that bring genuine knowledge and a voice and a perspective to the table, and ones that are willing to not simply serve as marketing arms to the studios.

Well-said, as with most things that Drew writes. I agree with him on this specific point, although most likely I disagree with him on others. Specifically, I’d add that balancing fairly serious business needs with brand/integrity will be a crucial part of the “survival” that Drew refers to.

[Drew also links to Pajiba’s great piece on the subject, which is well worth a read]